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TankFest Is Back for 2017!

Posted on 21/05/2017 in News

If you’re a fan of tanks, explosions and mean machines, then you’ll love TankFest 2017! Taking place at Bovington Camp in Dorset from 24th – 25th June, TankFest is full of exciting exhibitions and live action events.

From World War II live reconstructions to vehicle rides, TankFest 2017 is guaranteed to be a fun day out for all the family.


Where Is TankFest?

The TankFest is held every year at the world famous Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset. Known for its renowned collection of working tanks, the Tank Museum currently has the largest collection of tanks in the world. Including the only working German Tiger 131 and British Mark I, the world’s oldest surviving combat tank.

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What’s On?

Just like every year, TankFest is full of explosive live action displays where you get to see tanks re-enact historical battles. Starting at 9 am sharp on 24th June, visitors will be able to ride along in famous tanks such as the M548 and Leopard Bathtub.

Shortly after that, the event itself will be opened in style with an explosive WW2 reconstruction and demonstration of several tanks. Continuing throughout the day, there will be plenty of WW1 and WW2 tanks entering the arena for visitors to marvel at.

With over 9 live action displays taking place over the course of the day, you’ll definitely get your yearly dose of tanks, explosions, and excitement. To see the detailed itinerary for the day, be sure to have a read on their official website.

Aside from the main festival itself, there are also plenty of exhibitions to be seen in the Museum. If you fancy a break from all the loud noises or just fancy a change, you’ll discover a whole new world of tanks inside. With exhibitions covering the history of tanks all the way up to the present day, you’ll be able to browse the museums 300+ strong tank collection.


How Much Are Tickets To TankFest?

If you want to experience TankFest 2017, then you better act fast! Tickets are very limited for both days, and in the past few years they have actually ended up selling out entirely. To avoid disappointment we recommend securing your ticket as soon as possible, don’t leave it to the last minute.

An adult ticket for TankFest will set you back £23 for a full day in the battle arena. Tickets for children aged 5 to 17 cost £14.50 while children under 5 get in free. To save you some money, the museum also offers several family tickets with 1 adult and 3 children costing £56, while 2 adults and 2 children cost £63. Any tank rides at the festival are not included in the price, and additional charges will apply.

To book your tickets for TankFest 2017, head on over to the official TankFest website now.

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Visiting TankFest 2017?

If you want to get a good seat at TankFest 2017 then you better make sure you arrive early. With the doors opening at 9am you’ll need to make sure you get up early to beat the traffic and crowds.

But there is another way.

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